ECE 517: Nonlinear and Adaptive Control (Fall 2015)

A first graduate-level course on nonlinear control design methods, with a particular focus on adaptive control and estimation and also incorporating advanced analysis techniques for nonlinear systems.




LECTURE NOTES (see table of contents for course outline)

Schedule: Mon Wed 4:00-5:20pm, room 2013, ECE Building. Will start 5 minutes late on Wednesdays because of the decision & control seminars.

Prerequisites: ECE 515 (Linear Systems) or consent of instructor. Basic knowledge of real analysis (at the level of Math 444 or 447) is also expected.

Instructor: Daniel Liberzon
Office: 144 CSL
Email: liberzon at
Office hours: Wednesdays immediately after class (no homework questions, please)

Homework TA: Guosong (Oliver) Yang, yang150 at
Office hours: Mon 2-3:30pm, 154 CSL

Supplementary texts:

Assignments and grading policy: Your grades will be based on homework and final project. Details will be explained in class.