ECE 517 final project topics

Click here for project guidelines. The list of papers is below. Names of students signed up to present each paper will appear next to the titles.

Stability on manifolds

Arclength Lyapunov tests

Quantitative Barbalat lemma - Khaled Alshehri, Mon Dec 7

Sinusoidal controls for path planning

Strong iISS - Ankit Bhardwaj and Ayush Saxena, Wed Dec 2

Convergent and incremental stability - Usman Syed and David Hanley, Wed Dec 2

Orbirs of geometric descent - James Schmidt, Wed Dec 9

Optimal output transfer - Jorge Correa Panesso, Wed Dec 9

Dynamic Lyapunov functions - Thinh Doan, Wed Nov 18

Higher order Lyapunov function derivatives - Xiaotian Zhang, Mon Nov 30

Interval observers - Yashwanth Nakka, Mon Nov 30

MMAC with mixing

Zero dynamics of nonlinear systems - Dipanjan Das and Siddhartha Nigam, Wed Dec 2

ISS for discrete-time discontinuous systems - Andrew Blanco, Mon Nov 30

ISS for infinite-dimensional systems

Model-free adaptive switching control - Jason Galtieri and Ross Liederbach, Wed Dec 2

Reduction and backstepping - Arun Lakshmanan, Mon Dec 7

Merging CLFs - Shankar Deka and Shenyu Liu, Wed Dec 9

Combined MMAC

MMAC with set-valued observers

Conley, Morse, and Lyapunov

Robustness of nonlinear PI control - Nattasit Dancholvichit, postponed

Matrix measures and reachability - Chuchu Fan, Mon Nov 30

Parameter ID by switching control - Daniel Herber and Naveen Sankaran, Wed Dec 9

Robust supervisory control - Herschel Pangborn, Mon Dec 7

Stochastic Barbalat lemma, see also corrections - Philip Pare, Mon Nov 30

Tube MRAC - Yijie Cheng, Mon Dec 7

Weak attractors - Massi Amrouche, Wed Dec 9