ECE 517 final project topics

Click here for project guidelines. The list of papers is below. Names of students signed up to present each paper will appear next to the titles.

Stability on manifolds

Arclength Lyapunov tests - Tonghui Cui, Nov 28

Sinusoidal controls for path planning

MMAC with mixing - Alireza Askarian, Nov 28

ISS for infinite-dimensional systems

Combined MMAC

MMAC with set-valued observers

Conley, Morse, and Lyapunov - Spencer Kieffer, Nov 28

Robustness of nonlinear PI control - Fanxin Wang, Nov 30

ISS of Lurie systems, also this paper

Second-level adaptation - Umer Huzaifa and Jonathan Hoff, Dec 5

ISS under denial of service - Matt Backes and Tamer Rousan, Dec 5

System-theoretic view of optimization algorithms - Fangyu Wu and Rafael Stern, Dec 7

ISS w.r.t. invariant sets

Singular perturbations and Lie brackets - Phuc Thanh Huynh, Nov 30

Compensating drift

ISS for inputs with bounded average

Incoherent feedforward loops - Zheng Feng and Zhenghe Shangguan, Nov 30

Convergence of gradient descent - Zuguang Gao, Nov 30

Control Lyapunov barrier functions - Christopher Marry, Nov 30

LaSalle-like theorems for liminf convergence - Xingchun Wang, Dec 5

Robust MMAC

l_p gains for switched adaptive controllers - Xavier Moya, Dec 5

Trajectory tracking via pseudo-inverse - Ivan Abraham, Nov 28

Overcoming fundamental limitations by nonlinear control - Nathan Weir, Dec 5

Incremental stability via averaging functions - Yinai Fan and Jifei Xu, Dec 7

Nonlinear scaling of ISS Lyapunov functions - Nate Speidel, Dec 7

Normal forms for infinite-dimensional systems

Polyak-Lojasiewicz convergence condition for gradient methods - Yuchen He, Dec 7

Separable Lyapunov functions for monotone systems - Pamela Tannous and Malia Kawamura, Nov 28