ECE 586 DL final project topics

Click here for project guidelines. The list of papers is below. Names of students signed up to present each paper will appear next to the titles.

Stabilization of switched linear systems - Joao Porto, Thu Nov 19

Popov criterion for switched systems - Umer Huzaifa, Tue Dec 1

Event-triggered quantized control - Hamidreza Jafarnejadsani and Hanmin Lee, Tue Dec 8

Formation control with binary information - Venanzio Cichella and Kasey Ackerman, Tue Dec 8

Disturbance decoupling for switched linear systems - Shankar Deka and Shenyu Liu, Tue Nov 17

Minimum-data-rate stabilization of uncertain systems - Hyung-Jin Yoon, Thu Dec 3

Complexity of Lyapunov functions - Yu Wang, Thu Nov 19

Verification of hybrid systems - Bilal Mehdi, Thu Dec 3

Marginal instability and resonance, also this paper

One-bit coding - James Schmidt, Thu Dec 3

Radial and directional controllability

Stability of Markov switched systems

Stability of switched PDEs - Javier Puig-Navarro, Tue Dec 1

Stochastic moment stability

Switched LQR - Anum Jang Sher, Tue Dec 1

Switched systems on time scales

Stabilization of switched affine systems - Herschel Pangborn, Thu Nov 19

Stochastic hybrid systems - KunHyuck Lee and Khaled Alshehri, Tue Nov 17