ECE 497 DL Home Page

ECE 497 DL: Hybrid Systems and Control
ECE Dept, UIUC, Spring 2001

Instructor: Daniel Liberzon
Office: 144 C&SRL
Email: liberzon at
Phone: (217) 244-6750

Schedule: Tue Thu 11:30-12:50, 57 Everitt Lab.

Office hours: Tu 2:30-4, Wed 11:30-1.

Prerequisite: ECE 415 (Linear Systems) or consent of instructor.

Textbook: A. van der Schaft and H. Schumacher, An Introduction to Hybrid Dynamical Systems, Springer, 2000.
Note: not available in the bookstore. A copy has been placed on reserve in the library.

Supplementary reading:

Assignments and grading policy: Your grades will be based on homework and final projects. There will be no exams in this course.

 MATLAB files for the nonholonomic robot simulation: sfrobota.m, robotmpg.m,

Parking movies: Andy, Rong, Hui-Hung (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Sean

Final Projects

Course outline:

I. Introduction
1. Definition of a hybrid system
2. Solutions to hybrid systems
3. Examples
II. Stability analysis of hybrid systems
1. Common Lyapunov functions
2. Algebraic stability criteria
3. Systems with special structure
4. Slow switching
5. Multiple Lyapunov functions
III. Hybrid control design
1. Convex combinations and Lyapunov functions
2. Stabilization of linear systems by hybrid output feedback
3. Stabilization of mechanical systems
4. Control with limited information
5. Switching logics and supervisory control