ECE 417 Final Projects

For pictures and other materials not available here, you can contact the authors.

Kurt Plarre, On piecewise linear approximation of continuous functions and application to control ps file

Paul Pawola, Using gradient and least squares methods to estimate unknown parameters of an iced aircraft ps file

Vaibhav Donde, A hybrid system using two cascaded regulators (tap changers) pdf file

Marina Tharayil, Attitude/momentum control for the space station MSWord file

Kwangsoo Kim, The control of nonlinear nonminimum phase systems ps file

Worapot Tangmunarunkit, Optimal load shedding against voltage instability MSWord file

Tae Han Kim, Control of a nonholonomic system pdf file

Yisheng Zhang, Velocity tracking of hydraulic system MSWord file

Samir Shah, Linear vs. nonlinear control systems MSWord file